Xcaret Hotel, All-Inclusive Paradise

Posted on 08/20/2019 | About Mexico

What can I say, about Hotel Xcaret that doesn’t make me sound like their publicist? Absolutely nothing, it’s truly incredible!

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This is our second stay at the the Hotel Xcaret, the first was so good we changed our venue for our Destination Wedding to this incredible paradise.
What is different about Hotel Xcaret that makes it so incredible. The first thing you experience as you arrive is the warm greeting and tiny ice cream bar, but the thing that strikes you is the incredible merging of environment and hotel in a harmonious lush Eco setting. The stunning view no matter your room category is a treat, but the presentation of Modern Mexico is what separates this resort from other Mexican Resorts.

You know your in Mexico, the rooms are decorated with locally made tapestries and hand made furniture. The restaurants and buffet are focused on Mexican cuisine delivered with incredible flavors. Don’t panic there’s options for all pallets, even my extremely picky sister ate like a queen.

The fresh flavors are like nothing I have previously experienced at an All-Inclusive resort. Then there’s the daily bonus food carts it’s wonderful treats like Mexican corn, fresh fruit, fresh shucked oysters, crab legs. My boys loved the the nightly street tacos cart located near the lobby. No matter how big dinner was, they always had room for another taco.

Our group of travelers on this journey ranged from 17 to 78 including my mom who was having Mobility issues, and was handled with grace and efficiency, making moms stay memorable.
The layout of the resort at first seems intimidating, but in reality is very easy to navigate. The less intrusive suspension bridges allow for a more natural setting, and fun pictures taking options.

The natural rivers that run through the property, never stop providing wow moments. Do make sure you take a dip in the Rivers. For a real treat book a River Swim-out Suite, get direct access to water.

If you’re thinking oh, I don’t want a family resort, let me introduce you to Fuego Adults only section of the resort with oceanfront, and River Suites, Private Restaurant, bars and the incredible rooftop pool, providing Instagram gold.

Meals that we ate in Fuego were incredible, the service was impeccable and the views from the deck just made it perfect.

The infinity pool is the central meeting point for drinks, relaxation and excellent food options. If you see Rudolfo pouring drinks, make sure to ask him for an I Don’t Know, or a Guantanamera, you won’t be disappointed. For fun ask anyone not named Rudolfo for the same drink, watch there faces contort and then look quickly for Rudolfo.
The beach area is natural with with sparkling blue water, and gentle waves. During our week long stay, the Sargassum grass was only noticeable on two days, but never bad, the other 5 days had zero sargassum. It’s my belief that the natural unmanaged beach is the reason for the lesser amounts of Sargassum, resorts in Playa Del Carmen had a terrible case of Sargassum during or week (August)
Included Parks
Currently nine eco parks are included in your stay, even meals, drinks and transportation are included.
In our stay we visited three onsite parks, Xcaret, Xplor and Xences all are worth your visit, to me Xcaret is like Mexican focused Epcot with animals, villages, butterflies, snorkeling and so much more. Xplor is two experiences, daytime Xplor and night Xplor Fuego, if you have teens, Xplor Fuego is the highlight, Fire is added to the buggy and zip line courses.
Xences truly tests your senses, I don’t want give to much away, but the tunnel of darkness and village will challenge you, and having you talking about it for days.

The Main Event

The reason for this visit was for Our destination wedding. Our in house weddings coordinator Mackenzie in conjunction with the Xcaret weddings team made for a stress free planing process. Pro tip: let a professional plan your wedding and sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.
Tuesday we did a walk through with the onsite planer for our Thursday wedding. We went over the service, met with the bar staff and created our own signature drink, which was a huge hit. We then walked to our beachfront wedding location and then the secluded river/caves reception location.
Wedding day, Joan went to the spa to prepare for the day in the bridal suite. Hair, nails and more were primped, I spent the morning kayaking with the boys in the rivers and inlets near the wedding location. Our guests all met at 4:45 for the walk down to the beach for the service. Guest with mobility issues were wheeled to the site by hotel staff.
The setting couldn’t have been more perfect, the water sparkled, the setting sun shined brightly.
We went with a simple setup, so we didn’t take from the incredible natural beauty.

The minister provided a moving service with inspiring vows, not a dry eye on the beach.
We took time for pictures after the service before moving to our reception venue. The Waterfront location was perfect, our signature Bramble was a big hit, the hor d'oeuvres were delicious and included lobster sliders, figs, stuffed corn balls.

After two hours of mixing drinking and snacking we moved to dinner at XIN-GAO for sushi, salmon and more.
Getting married in such a wonderful paradise is truly a treasure, at a reasonable rate.

Summing up the amazing Hotel Xcaret
The beauty every way you look is only exceeded by the staff. We met so many staff members who treated us a s Familia. From the Guadalupe in the lobby bar, who made our welcome get together exceptional with her attentive service, and smiling face. Caesar in Fuego was a treat each morning. The aforementioned Rudolfo at the infinity pool, and our Butlers in Fuego Rolando and Kiyoshi we’re there for whatever was needed, late night wheelchair order for mom, getting a bucket of rice to save my wet phone, and making sure we were always well cared for.
Hotel is not a low cost option, but it sure is an exceptional value. In our varied group, the resounding consensus was WOW, everyone was blown away with the quality and service.
There are a few things I would suggest to make it even better. One being a dedicated coffee, pastry, light breakfast option, all of these items are available, but a stand alone would be great.

My only complaint is the attempts to sell you on there time share, just say no, skip the presentation and enjoy the resort.

My boys can’t wait to return, our senior guests are looking to return, and we even have an end school group traveling in June 2020. Travel to Hotel Xcaret and experience what an All-inclusive resort can be.
We traveled August 5-12, 2019