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Posted on 01/28/2021

2021 has arrived, and you're wondering when you will be able to See the World again?

You can travel today with safety precautions.

Domestically, we see a lot of demand for private home and villa rentals in Florida, North and South Carolinas. As the country reopens, California, Colorado, and Maine will be hot spots to get away and still be safe.

Internationally, Mexico is currently the one destination that is open with reasonable safety precautions and procedures. No testing is required to travel to Mexico; you will need to sign an affidavit attesting that you are healthy. Testing is necessary to return home from Mexico, but this is not an issue as almost all resorts include free testing required for re-entry into the USA. At this time, we would not recommend travel to Mexico to a resort or property that does not include the required testing to return home.

What does the future hold?

With the introduction of Vaccines, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
We would not be surprised if the Vaccine is required to travel internationally and even to some Domestic destinations like Hawaii and Alaska.
We see the Vaccine's introduction as a critical component for the safe return of ocean cruising. Some Cruise lines are already requiring the Vaccine to travel, and we see it as the best option for the return of cruising from US Waters.

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The prospects for returning to international travel in the Fall of 2021 are looking more and more a possibility.

A few of our specialty destinations Italy, Greece, and Spain, are looking like good options for late summer early fall 2021. We eagerly look forward to planning your tailored European experience.

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You're ready to start planning, now what?

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