Our thoughts on travel as we emerge from Covid-19

Posted on 02/03/2021

Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, and Testing Testing, Testing will be the Mantra

Our current take is Vaccines will be integral for the return of international travel; in the interim, as vaccines rollout, testing requirements will ramp up.
Currently, to return home to the USA from all international destinations, a PCR or Antigen test is required.

At this time, the only true international travel options for Americans is to the Caribbean and Mexico. The testing requirements vary from destination to destination and knowing the entry requirements is imperative. For a piece of mind, use a professional travel advisor to wade through the Beauracucy, so you have no hidden surprises at the airport or while out of the country.

CK Tours is currently selling travel to Mexico and Punta Cana, and Aruba for guests that understand the test requirements and travel costs to Aruba.

Mexico is the shining star

daveouellette / photo on flickr

Mexico is our preferred destination during these uncertain times; at this time, no testing is required to enter the country. The Mexican resort areas have been incredible during Covid, limiting occupancy, offering industry-leading preventive measures to increase safety. Our travel partners in Mexico have been fantastic in their reaction to the new testing requirements for return to the USA. We will only sell properties that have policies in effect that cover testing and quarantining if necessary.

Our Trusted Partners include Hard Rock Resorts, Unico, The Fives, Karisma, and AM Resorts. These properties have excellent Covid Policies ensuring you have a safe as possible experience by providing free Covid Testing and low cost of free quarantining if needed for a positive test.

Will Cruising ever return?

We believe that Cruising will not be possible without a vaccine policy; many smaller cruise lines have made the vaccine a requirement for travel. We see the major cruise lines also going to a vaccine requirement to build confidence and ensure your safety at sea.

European Travel Prospects

Europe is a destination that we see requiring a vaccine or mandatory 10-14 day quarantine at your expense upon entry to Europe. These policies will make the vaccine a must for travel to Europe; again, this is our view on what we see happening regarding travel to Europe.
We have hope that Europe will return as a viable destination by the fall of 2021, and 2022 is already shaping up as a banner year for Europe.

Where can we go Domestically now?

Florida is open for business, theme parks and beaches are available with covid restrictions. We are currently sending guests to the Keys, Orlando and Ft Lauderdale.

North and South Carolina are excellent destinations for guests who prefer a more socially distanced vacation. Private homes, condos, and villas are widely available by the beach, in the mountains, and on golf courses. Please use a professional advisor to find your perfect private home experience that fits all your travel needs.

Hawaii is open with Testing!

A PCR test is required for entry into the islands of Hawaii. The testing requirements for Hawaii are stringent and must be followed to enter Hawaii.
Here's the thing about Hawaii; it's worth it to jump through the testing hoops of getting to Hawaii. Visiting the Hawaiin islands should be on your bucket list, and if you have been there before, I'm sure it's on your list to go back. The beauty of Hawaii is there is never a wrong time to travel to Hawaii. Summer brings perfect weather, fall in regular times brings fewer travelers, and winter has the whales. During the times of Covid, only Americans can travel to Hawaii freely with required Testing. Making Hawaii a naturally socially distanced vacation, with widely available fully equipped kitchen accommodations, makes one of the great destinations even more appealing.

Keep in mind before traveling

If you in any way have a compromised immune system or care for someone with a compromised system, STAY HOME!

Your safety and the ones you love security is most important; it won't be long, and we will all be able to get out and see the world again.

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