UNICO 20˚87˚ Trip Report

Posted on 06/08/2017 | About Mexico

My trip that began with hour and twenty-minute ride in a private SUV transfer, proved to be that of luxury, no doubt. With refreshments, Mexican sweets, and wifi, the anticipation to arrive at the new resort, and expectations grew greater.
We were greeted with a fresh cool towel, and a sparkling cucumber & lemon drink, check-in was a breeze. Not the usual check-in, as they had seated us in the lobby and came to us to complete the process as we relaxed on the plush modern furniture.


The rooms have a modern chic feel to them with a wonderful aroma, extending out onto the balcony which is where your Jacuzzi tub sits, along with a cushioned lounge. (you can arrange the aroma details with your host to customize to your liking). All new modern amenities supplied, from the smart TV (account info, Netflix, games, and internet) to a shaving kit, bug spray (which you DO need) and dental kit in your bathroom. The refrigerator was stocked with water, Coca-cola products and Corona. You even get sun hats!


There are 3 pools (with divided sections off the main pools for relaxation) – The La Unica Pool includes an Infinity pool and great view of the ocean; The 2087 Pool and swim-up bar. Then you have The Escondida Pool and Sand bar which is the quiet pool situated to the right of the property (hidden behind the 2087 restaurant).

While you are at the pool, try a drink. You will be pleasantly surprised with the meticulously made cocktails. They definitely have excellent mixology methods for any drink you can think or imagine- whether it has a name or not!
For me the beach was very convenient as it was only steps from the main pool, quiet pool, and 2087 restaurant. This is a smaller beach that they have implemented a long term plan to increase in size. However, the beach directly in front of the property, is a little rocky(bigger rocks), and house seaweed patches, which can be annoying when trying to get into the water. The best section of beach is on the left of the property, and is not being utilized with lounges yet. I’m sure this will be taken in consideration, and changes will take place over the next months, or years.
With the unique concept of the restaurants having all their own kitchen and chef with team, sure makes for a great meal. All the food consumed over the course of 4 days, were exceptional!

Your choices of these four restaurants give you a “multi-sensory adventure” with the different and ever changing taste combinations. I am well pleased with how tastefully indulgent, yet simple and healthy all these meals were prepared.
20˚ 87˚ Restaurant - specializes in international cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Mura House - specializes in Japanese cuisine and serves dinner only.
Cueva Siete - This restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine.
Mi Carisa - This restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and serves dinner only.
And, we cannot forget about Inez Café, with goodies and your favorite coffee.
My final stop was at the spa, after my Tulum tour, and found it to be quite relaxing and after falling asleep twice (once during my massage, and once after), I had received a card in my room on the first day to redeem for a complimentary sample of amenities (bath salts, scrub, lotion or after sun balm) and mix the scent(s) I wished. My suggestion is to pre-book the spa reservations as they do booked up, and you have limited options if you wait to do it there. You also have the option to book the tours, but be advised that there are complimentary tours they include, in addition to up-gradable options that are an additional fee to do.
(Tennis courts are not finished yet, but are located behind the Fitness Center and Spa area)