The Incredible value of your Travel Professional

Posted on 03/04/2018

This week’s storm is the perfect case study on why you should always use a travel agency to travel.

Your flight has been canceled or diverted, you’re stuck in traffic and can’t get to your destination or home, you need an unexpected hotel, or rental car. What do you do?

If you utilized a professional travel agent to make your plans, you make one call, to your agent. No waiting on hold, or standing in line.

In the last 24 hours, we have re-booked flights, found last minute hotels, rented cars, scheduled car services to get guests home, to destination or make as comfortable as possible until rescheduled flight.

Now the best part, remember that $5 you are convinced you saved by booking online.

Our customers did not wait on hold, in line or have no place to go. We accommodated them, best of all, you know how much extra we charged for this service? $0 that’s right $0!

Think about those online savings next time you book, our rates are the same or less then online providers, plus you get personal care from someone who knows you and cares, you’re not a number or $.

Lastly, travel insurance should always be purchased, the piece of mind in knowing you are covered is the most reassuring part, when misfortune strikes

Thank you to all of our wonderful guests who trust us to take care of them.