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Posted on 11/19/2019 | About Poland, Poland

Poland is Incredible

I recently traveled to Poznan Poland for the European Travel Forum. The event provided me access to a 80 specialized European Travel Providers, with offerings from Portugal to Russia, Norway to Greece and everywhere in between.
A few destinations really stood out, the biggest standout was our host Country of Poland. Frankly, Poland is the most surprising country to me in Europe. The people, food and sights are absolutely incredible. Everyday I was so thankful for the access provided to the towns of Poznan, Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.

We participated in Polish Independence Day, learned how to make a Saint Martin Croissant, walked on wide sandy Baltic Sea beaches, explored several castles, that’s not all we visited hotels that will surprise you with there quality, uniqueness and incredible value..
For me what makes or breaks a a destination is the Culinary scene, and this is where Poland shines.
In my 7 night stay, I had the good fortune to enjoy classics we all know like Pirogi's, Sausage, Sour Kraut and Potatoes done a multitude of ways.

But the real stars of the week were the meats on offering. I particularly enjoyed the Goose, Duck, and Pork Shank meals. The quality of preparation is outstanding, providing flavors that are making my mouth water as I write this post.
In Gdańsk I was fortunate to experience a Vegan Tasting Menu that just blew me away, I’m a carnivore and Vegan is not my first or third choice, but wow! The dishes were inspired by Polish Grandma Recipe’s with a modern Vegan twist, all courses were exceptional.

The biggest shock to me was the quality of Beaches in in Sopot, and Gdynia, both featuring wide white sandy beaches, with Sopot offering a classic European Beach Town with Spa focus for total relaxation. Gdynia’s beach offerings are more laid back and less crowded in the most modern city in Poland.
What would have been most shocking was the Old Town of Gdańsk, the remarkably rebuilt city restored to prewar splendor with car free streets, excellent restaurants, sights and hotels, making for a wonderful base to explore Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia
I would be remiss in not describing the relativity new Solidarity Museum. This should be a must do for all visitors, truly incredible, and a great reminder about WE THE PEOPLE!

Poznan was our host city for the first three nights, and as in Gdańsk and Gdynia was such a surprise. We spent Polish Independence Day exploring castles, making croissants, and enjoying local street foods at the Saint Martins Parade.

Each evening in Poznan a group of us would explore the town, trying many restaurants and bars, all provided great meals and drinks and extreme fun was had by all.

You heard it here first

In the near future we will be offering custom small group tours to Poland. The tour offerings will focus on the incredible history, culinary treats, castles, and heritage of Poland. Groups will range from 16-20 guests, stay in locally owned hotels, include breakfast and all major sights on the itinerary, each tour will feature at least one Authentic Polish night out.
If you have interest in Future Tours to Poland, send us a note to info@cktours.org List Poland in the subject line, and we will send you information when we are ready to present these amazing itineraries.

Saint Martin Croissant

The Best Salmon I have ever eaten

Street Sandwich, so tasty