Why we will never stop Traveling

Posted on 03/04/2020

We have all seen the news reports on the Corona Virus, and while scary, the reality is that the virus is not particular dangerous to healthy adults, and seems to not be much of an issue for children. Those with compromised health conditions should be taking all the precautions, just as they would take for the flu. Better safe then sorry. Learn more here

That being said,

Continuing to travel when appropriate, is part of of our inner being and desire to explore and experience our inner wanderlust.

Why we Travel

  • Traveling and exploring our wonderful country and the world beyond is good for the soul and your well being.
  • Travel is the one investment in life that rewards you with a lifetime of priceless memories.
  • Travel is the best way to celebrate a milestone, taking a bucket list vacation as a couple, or with friends and family, increases the joy of the milestone.
  • Travel is rewarding, you have the ability to give back when you travel, volunteer, bring school supplies or regional items of need, or just spend your money.
  • Travel with family is the most rewarding travel for me, to share incredible experiences with the people I love the most, offers immeasurable rewards and memories.
  • Travel with friends, the more the merrier, friends traveling together brings a diversity to the experience and expands the amount of joy had by all.
  • Travel for Romance, honeymoon, destination wedding, anniversary, baby-moon all are excellent reasons to travel. Traveling together as one,builds bonds for a lifetime together.

Travel memories always bring a smile to your face, as you think about, and remember when, we did this, or we saw that.

As I mentioned earlier, family travel is the travel I enjoy the most, this summer my family and I will be traveling to Portugal and Italy to celebrate the Graduation of our youngest son. Last years family travels with my Late Mother in-law To Europe and Mexico have provided memories that are cherished by my wife and father in-law. These memories help ease the pain of unexpected loss of an amazing women. We will always have the countless memories of our travels near and far together.

Travel is a passion for me, I truly love sending our guests to dream locations near and far, the joy in voices and faces as they recap the incredible experiences is so rewarding.

So to sum up, just travel, fear and hype may get you down, but having that next destination planned will get through life's bumps in the road, with the promise of future rewarding memories.

Ken Keefer