Barcelona a Luxury Wine Destination

Posted on 11/07/2017 | About Barcelona, Spain

Tourist destinations are differentiated from one another by the local way of living. A luxury destination depends on the number of good quality experiences which can be had on location.

Barcelona aims to show itself as one of the luxury destinations of Europe, where a wide selection of luxury tours and premium services are on offer, where even minuscule details are taken into consideration, so that the visitor enjoys each experience and if possible, exceed the visitor’s expectation.

Our Friends at Wineniun offer Luxury Wine Focused Vacations in Barcelona

This is the reason why premium brands within the tourism sector such as hotels, restaurants, private transport, concierge or luxury tour companies, promote luxury vacations and thus attract these visitors whose stays are longer and who also want to spend more on their luxury trip.

Barcelona is working to become the go to Luxury Destination, and international publications like Conde Nast have noticed, awarding Barcelona as the second best luxury destination in the world.

Sailing & wine.

E-Bike the Vineyard

VIP visitors are no longer just looking for exclusive products and services, but also experiential and personalized tourism, where living an experience in a different way from the rest is very attractive. These types of tourists look for premium experiences in many cases combining business trips with leisure activities in and around the city.

Winenium’s main objective as a premium tour provider, is to offer a unique and special wine experiences for visitors who want an experience related to the world of wine, while traveling in Barcelona’s wine country, that exceed customers’ expectations.

We mix wine tasting with gentle activity, culture and/or gastronomy, linking all the activities with a winery visit, like sailing a private yacht or exclusive restaurants we chose, are all handpicked. We are experts in the field and understand the wants of those who seek to experience what it means to be local and live the authentic. That is why we choose the wineries we collaborate with very carefully, not just placing value on producing high quality wines and fantastic locations, but also that their philosophy match ours. All winery visits are always guided by professionals of the winery.

“Like the best wines, at Winenium we are focused on quality rather than quantity. We understand time is precious and with our attention to detail, we aim not just to fulfill customers’ expectations, but to exceed them.”

Mariana Mier y Terán

Are you ready for your expectations to be exceeded?